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Astron. Astrophys. 329, 161-168 (1998)

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We want to thank Prof. M.W. Feast and Prof. R. Stobie for the generous allocation of observing time at the SAAO/Sutherland. Special thanks go to Drs. I.S. Glass and Mr. F. Mareng for their assistance and advice during the observations at SAAO. It is a pleasure for RC to thank the Dept. of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Astronomy of the University of South Africa for the invitation and the financial support during the stay at UNISA where part of this publication was prepared. RC also has to thank ESO, Santiago for the hospitality during a stay in Chile in February and March 1996, supported by the Senior Visitor Program in the course of which this paper was completed. We thank our referee Dr. M. Felli for his constructive critisism which helped to improve the paper in several aspects. Finally RC wants to thank his friend and co-author Walter F. Wargau for a fruitful and enjoyable collaboration over more than 10 years. Walter deceased in November 1996 just before this manuscript was finalized. The astronomical community has lost a highly honourable and agreeable colleague.

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Online publication: November 24, 1997