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Astron. Astrophys. 329, 291-314 (1998)

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4. Use of the CHIANTI database

The CHIANTI database contains both atomic data and a set of routines which enable the line intensities to be calculated and analysed. For this work, two of the authors (E. Landi and P. Young) have used the atomic data but not the CHIANTI analysis routines, instead they have interfaced their own existing routines to the atomic data. In particular, E. Landi has used the new L-function method of analysis (Landi & Landini 1997) to check the results obtained with the intensity ratio method for several ions. P. Young has used routines which allow the input of proton collision rates to the level balance program - a feature not accounted for in the original version (1.0) of CHIANTI. Thus, for this work, we have proton rates included for the following ions: Ne VI, Mg VIII, Si X, S XII, Fe X, Fe XIII and Fe XIV.2 For these ions one may find differences between values quoted here and those derived using the CHIANTI analysis routines, however such differences are likely to be small as proton rates do not contribute significantly to the level balance of these ions.

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Online publication: November 24, 1997