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Astron. Astrophys. 329, 792-798 (1998)

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7. Conclusion

In the dipole approximation, the quantum unified theory shows a linear dependence of the electronic line profile of the Hydrogen Lyman- [FORMULA] line on the density for detunings above 8Å or below -8Å. Between these two limits, the density dependence of the profile is more complex. Further, this profile is strongly influenced by the temperature at low temperatures. At high temperatures, the asymmetry of the profile vanishes; and our results are in good agreement with those of VCS. The extrapolation method used here allows us to calculate the profile in the far wings of Lyman- [FORMULA] within an acceptable precision (from [FORMULA] at 2500K to less than [FORMULA] at 40000K). The polynomial fit of our results permits their easy reproduction.

Our calculations are restricted to detunings [FORMULA] not exceeding 80Å so that the contribution of short range effects on the profile is less important.The cut-off procedure on the angular momenta is good for these detunings. Next, we shall study from a quantum point of view the contribution of these short range interactions, as well as the ion contribution to the far wings.

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Online publication: December 8, 1997