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Astron. Astrophys. 330, 222-224 (1998)

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1. Present knowledge about HD 6226

HD 6226 (BD+46 [FORMULA] 245, SAO 36891) is a remarkably little studied bright B star. Guetter (1968) classified the star as B2IV-V while Bidelman, Ratcliff & Svolopoulos (1988) give B3III. Andrews (1968) derived the strength of the H [FORMULA] line of HD 6226 from his photoelectric measurements and did not suspect the star to be an emission-line object.

The radial velocity (RV) of the star is probably variable (Plaskett & Pearce 1931 mention that the lines are good for measurements) but there are only four individually published velocities. The mean observed RVs quoted in GCRV range from -48 to 60 km s-1. Moreover, it seems that also the Ca II K line varies so that the object can in fact be a double-line spectroscopic binary.

To the best of our knowledge, there are only two published determinations of the mean UBV values of the star, both based on all-sky observations: Guetter (1974) observed the star between March 1973 and January 1974 and gives

V = 6. [FORMULA] 81, [FORMULA] = -0. [FORMULA] 04, and [FORMULA] = -0. [FORMULA] 59

while Deutschman, David & Schild (1976) derived

V = 6. [FORMULA] 82, [FORMULA] = -0. [FORMULA] 03, and [FORMULA] = -0. [FORMULA] 58

from their observations secured from January 1973 to January 1974.

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