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Astron. Astrophys. 331, 639-650 (1998)

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1. Introduction

The light variability of TV Pic (HD 30 861) was discovered accidentally by H.M. Maitzen, who used it as comparison star in a study of CP stars at ESO in 1979 (Hensberge et al. 1981 ). Subsequent photometry revealed light variations with a double-wave shape and a period of about 0.852 d (Verschueren et al. 1987 ). Full amplitude exceeds 0.15 mag in all Strömgren and Walraven passbands. The variations were presumed to arise from an ellipsoidal binary, but the pronounced difference in the light maxima is quite uncommon and prompted a more detailed study, which is reported here. This study includes the analysis of two high-dispersion spectra taken at the quadrature phases. We search for spectroscopic evidence of the secondary component, as well as for chemical peculiarities in the primary. The photometry, including new measurements, is used to constrain models with a (temperature) spot on one component.

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Online publication: February 16, 1998