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Astron. Astrophys. 332, L53-L56 (1998)

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5. Conclusion

We have presented the PL-diagram of field carbon LPVs from HIPPARCOS parallaxes, making use of 115 stars including 19 Miras. By qualitative comparison to the LMC diagram, we considered three samples (LPVs close to the PL relation = Sample 1, overluminous short period LPVs = Sample 2 and underluminous long period LPVs = Sample 3). The faintest LPVs of Sample 3 raise severe constraints on current models of TP-AGB stars. They might be the low-mass remnants [FORMULA] of infrared carbon stars with [FORMULA] initial masses, left over after extensive mass loss. The slopes of the PL-relations are found similar in both the Galaxy and LMC. The derived distance modulus to LMC [FORMULA] is in excellent agreement with a previous study on oxygen-rich Miras [FORMULA] van Leuwen et al. 1997), and in reasonable agreement with the value from Cepheids [FORMULA] Feast & Catchpole 1997).

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Online publication: March 30, 1998