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Astron. Astrophys. 333, 13-16 (1998)

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5. Conclusions

Our primary results and conclusions are as follows.

  1. There is no H I absorption detected toward the probable location of the AGN of Mkn 6. This result is consistent with the more general picture that sight-lines towards Seyfert 1 nuclei are relatively unobscured.
  2. The detected H I absorption probably arises from a kpc-scale distribution of gas, possibly a disc, spiral arms, or a ring, surrounding the nucleus and associated with a conspicuous dust lane passing north of the AGN.
  3. The kinematics of the H I absorption line gas places it near the systemic velocity as interpolated from measurements of the ENLR. Unlike other H I absorbed Seyfert nuclei (Dickey 1986), there is no evidence for rapid streaming motions in the absorbing gas.
  4. The radio jet is probably oriented behind the galactic disc to the north and in front of the galactic disk to the south. If, as appears to be the case for most Seyfert nuclei, the NLR and ENLR gas share a similar axis with the radio jet, this result places the northern ENLR on the far side of the disc, contrary to earlier models.
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Online publication: April 15, 1998