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Astron. Astrophys. 333, 362-368 (1998)

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Data from the IRIS network depends on the coordinated efforts of many peoples from several nations. The authors wish to thank those who have conceived the instrument: E. Fossat and G. Grec; those who have contributed to build and maintain all instruments on site: B. Gelly, J.F. Manigault, G. Rouget, J. Demarcq, G. Galou, A. Escobar, J.M. Robillot; those who have operated the observing sites: M. Baijumamov, S. Ehgamberdiev, S. Ilyasov, S. Khalikov, I. Khamitov, G. Menshikov, S. Raubaev, T. Hoeksema, Z. Benkhaldoun, M. Lazrek, S. Kadiri, H. Touma, M. Anguera, A. Jimenez, P.L. Palle, A. Pimienta, C. Regulo, T. Roca Cortes, L. Sanchez, F.X. Schmider; R. Luckhurst, those who have developed the analysis software: S. Ehgamberdiev, S. Khalikov, E. Fossat, B. Gelly, M. Lazrek, P.L. Palle, L. Sanchez, E. Gavryuseva, V. Gavryusev; and those who have contributed to the success of the IRIS project in other critical ways: P. Delache, D. Gough, I. Roxburgh, F. Hill, T. Roca-Cortes, G. Zatsepin, T. Yuldashbaev, D. Ben Sari, L. Woltjer, H. Van der Laan, D. Hofstadt, J. Kennewell, D. Cole, P. Scherrer, F. Sanchez., and the Birmingham University Solar Network for sharing the observational facility in Tenerife.

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1998

Online publication: April 15, 1998