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Astron. Astrophys. 333, 644-646 (1998)

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2. Observations

The greater part of these observations was performed at ESO with the 1.4-m Coudé Auxiliary Telescope (CAT) at La Silla on 1996 March 7-14, by remote control from Garching. The spectrograph was the Coudé Échelle Spectrometer (CES) and the detector was ESO CCD #34 with 2048 pixels along the direction of dispersion (the pixels are 15 [FORMULA] m [FORMULA] 15 [FORMULA] m wide). The resolving power was R = 100 000 (resolution at 6705Å: 67.1 mÅ), implying a wavelength range of 58.2 Å at 6705 Å. The typical rms scatter of the residuals of the wavelength calibration was 1.6 mÅ  (a thorium lamp was used). The typical stability of the instrument in wavelength during the night was generally better than 0.08 pixels (0.1 km s-1). The wavelengths should be accurate to at least 0.3 km s-1.

The signal-to-noise ratio of the observations was not very high (S/N [FORMULA] 120) and the rotational phase coverage was not complete.

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Online publication: April 20, 1998