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Astron. Astrophys. 333, 746-752 (1998)

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We would like to thank James Bauer for his help with the 1997 March Keck observations, and Catherine Delahodde for help with the 1997 June observations and the data reduction. We would especially like to thank the ESO team (P. Martin, K. Mueller, G. Van de Steene, N. Hurtado and J. Miranda) for being able to reschedule part of their night to obtain the followup recovery observation on 1997 March 7, with a noteworthy rapidity and efficiency, and Paul Weissman for making his data available to us. In addition, we thank Brian Marsden for updating the orbits so we could recover the comet. The Digital Sky Survey was produced at the Space Telescope Science Institute under U.S. Government grant NAG W-2166 (for a complete list of contributions to the DSS, please refer to http://stdatu.stsci.edu/dss/dss_acknowledgements.html). Support for this work was provided by NASA Grant No. NAGW 5015, and an NSF REU Supplement to Grant No. AST 92-21318.

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Online publication: April 20, 1998