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Astron. Astrophys. 334, 388-394 (1998)

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Generation of magnetic seed fields in protogalactic clouds due to plasma-neutral gas friction

H. Wiechen, G.T. Birk and H. Lesch

Institut für Astronomie und Astrophysik der Universität München, Scheinerstrasse 1, D-81679 München, Germany

Received 5 November 1997 / Accepted 2 March 1998


We show that plasma - neutral gas friction in a weakly ionized rotating protogalactic system creates magnetic fields of seed field order. For these purposes we present results of 2-fluid simulations. Considering primordial gas clouds, this mechanism yields a magnetic field of the order of [FORMULA] on time scales of [FORMULA] and spatial scales of several hundred parsec. Such fields are a reasonable input for further amplification processes.

Key words: galaxies: magnetic fields – galaxies: formation – methods: numerical – cosmology: miscellaneous

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Online publication: May 15, 1998