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Astron. Astrophys. 334, 558-570 (1998)

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I thank Drs. Dietrich Baade, Chris Stagg and Chris Sterken who kindly provided me with their photoelectric observations of [FORMULA]  CMa and with further pieces of information about their data. I am also very obliged to Dr. W.I. Hartkopf, who kindly informed me about their speckle-interferometric observation prior to publication, to Dr. P. North who communicated the date of the spectrum of [FORMULA]  CMa published by Zboril et al. (1997) and to Drs. D. Baade, A. Kaufer, Mr. T. Rivinius, and Drs. O. Stahl, S.  tefl and B. Wolf who provided me with a rich series of unpublished H [FORMULA] peak intensities of [FORMULA]  CMa. I am grateful to Dr D. Holmgren for a careful proofreading of the text, and to him and Drs. C. Aerts, P. Koubský and S. tefl for valuable comments and criticism. My special thanks belong to the referee, Dr. D. Baade whose very helpful report led me to re-think the whole paper. This research was supported by the grant 205/96/0162 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and also by the project K1-003-601/4 Astrophysics of non-stationary stars of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The use of the computerized bibliography from the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre is also gratefully acknowledged.

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Online publication: May 15, 1998