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Astron. Astrophys. 336, 385-392 (1998)

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2. Observations

On 1985 October 9-10, we made VLBI observations at 5 GHz with the array shown in Table 1. The details of these observations and the results obtained from them have already been published (G95). On 1988 October 28-29, we made a similar set of VLBI observations of the same sources, but at 8.4 and 2.3 GHz simultaneously (see Table 1).


Table 1. Observations of 1928+738 phase-referenced to 2007+7771
1 In both experiments we used the MarkIII system in mode B (Rogers et al. 1983). The data were correlated at the MPIfR (Bonn) correlator.
2 The symbols correspond to the following antennas (with diameter and location given in parentheses); B, Effelsberg (100 m, Germany); L, Medicina (32 m, Italy); F, Fort Davis (26 m, Texas); K, Haystack (37 m, Massachusetts); O, Owens Valley (40 m, California); M, DSS63 (70 m, Spain); T, Onsala (20 m, Sweden).
3 See G95.
4 The reference frequencies for the astrometric observables were 8413 and 2275 MHz for the 8.4 and 2.3 GHz frequency bands, respectively. B did not have a 2.3 GHz receiver and recorded at 8.4 GHz only.

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