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Astron. Astrophys. 337, 757-771 (1998)

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8. Conclusions

A detailed analysis of the H[FORMULA] emission line variability in RE 1816+541 was first aimed at seeking evidence for the phenomenon of stellar prominences in this object. Results presented here have clearly demonstrated that prominence clouds exist and are seen to lie below the co-rotation radius. In this respect, prominences in RE 1816+541 are more similar to HK Aqr's (Byrne, Eibe & Rolleston 1996) prominences than to AB Dor's prominences (Cameron & Robinson 1989a,b). This suggests that the role of stellar prominences in carrying away angular momentum from the star may be not so significant as it was initially thought.

Some of the variations, however, show a very complex behaviour and the only way to understand completely their nature would be to obtain more continuous observations. In addition, strong emission transients are seen to occur very frequently, making the study of these events more difficult. One of such emission transients was well covered on the three nights of observations and provided evidence for surface active regions which, by virtue of the star's rapid rotation, could be mapped on its chromosphere. More information about their size and physical state could be obtained from Doppler imaging techniques.

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Online publication: August 27, 1998