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Astron. Astrophys. 338, L1-L4 (1998)

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2. Instrumentation and observation

The ORFEUS 1m-telescope is equipped with two alternatively operating spectrometers. The details about the telescope and the Echelle spectrometer are discussed in Krämer et al. (1990) and in Barnstedt et al. (1998), the Berkeley spectrometer is described in Hurwitz & Boywer (1996a). The relevant properties of the Echelle spectrometer for the measurements discussed are: a spectral range from 912 Å to 1410 Å, spectral resolution of [FORMULA] and an effective collecting area of [FORMULA].

Most of the stars on the ORFEUS II P.I. team target list were selected for interstellar and intergalactic medium research. We selected in particular high [FORMULA] stars with large distances from the galactic plane. Discussed in this paper are 9 Galactic and 5 Magellanic Cloud objects; 6 of the Galactic targets have a [FORMULA] 1 kpc. Table 1 lists the targets and gives their basic properties.


Table 1. Basic properties of targets and parameters for O VI
[FORMULA] Jenkins (1978a) found an N(O VI ) of 7.24[FORMULA]cm-2
[FORMULA] References: (1) Savage et al. (1997); (2) Jenkins & Wallerstein (1996); (3) Diplas & Savage (1994); (4) Hurrwitz & Boyer (1996b); (5) Sembach & Savage (1992); (6) Chu et al. (1994); (7) de Boer et al. (1998); (8) SIMBAD

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Online publication: September 8, 1998