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Astron. Astrophys. 339, 34-40 (1998)

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2. The WENSS minisurvey

The minisurvey (Rengelink et al. 1997) is a region of about 541 square degrees, at the North Ecliptic Pole. A subregion of the minisurvey, covering about 500 square degrees was chosen for a preliminary study of bright galaxy identifications, and will be followed up in the near future by a general study of the entire WENSS survey, which is now publicly available.

The restricted region of the minisurvey, used in the present paper, consists of two contiguous areas, with limits: right ascension between [FORMULA] and [FORMULA], declination between [FORMULA] and [FORMULA] for the first area, and [FORMULA] to [FORMULA], [FORMULA] to [FORMULA] for the second area. It contains 9810 radio sources (the entire minisurvey 11299). Of these 9810 sources 6931 have a peak flux density [FORMULA] mJy; these will be used in the determination of the radio luminosity function, since WENSS is expected to be complete at that level (Rengelink et al. 1997). We refer to the paper of Rengelink et al. (1997) for further detailed information on the WENSS project, and the reduction procedures followed by them.

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Online publication: September 30, 1998