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Astron. Astrophys. 339, 440-448 (1998)

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Studies on amplitude modulated RR Lyrae stars

II. RS Bootis

A. Nagy

Konkoly Observatory, Budapest XII, P.O. Box 67, H-1525 Hungary (nagya@buda.konkoly.hu)

Received 30 June 1998 / Accepted 28 July 1998


All photographic and photoelectric observations of RS Boo since 1938 have been analysed in order to obtain an accurate mathematical description of the light variation. A Fourier sum with frequencies [FORMULA], where [FORMULA] and a linear period change of the [FORMULA] and the [FORMULA] components with [FORMULA] give a fit with a standard deviation of [FORMULA] mag. Considering the various quality and the long span of the data, this level of accuracy can be regarded as a good one. In contrast with some reports about the existence of a secondary modulation we have not found any sign of this component in the prewhitened spectrum.

Key words: stars: individual: RS Boo – stars: variables: RR Lyrae – stars: oscillations

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Online publication: October 21, 1998