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Astron. Astrophys. 341, 641-652 (1999)

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We like to thank the other CoI of the original observing proposal: J.Bergeron, S.Charlot, D. Clements, L. da Costa, E.Egami, B.Fort, L.Gautret, R.Gilmozzi, R.N.Hook, B.Leibundgut, Y.Mellier, P.Petitjean, A.Renzini, S.Savaglio, P.Shaver, S.Seitz and L.Yan Special thanks are due to the ESO staff for their excellent work on the upgrading of the NTT in the past three years, to the ESO astronomers who collected the observations in service mode, to Stephanie Coté and Albert Zijlstra of the User Support Group in Garching for their efforts during the preparation and execution of the program, to E.Hu and R.N.Hook for help on the analysis of the HST observations of the field, to the EIS team at ESO for support on the data reduction and to E. Bertin for providing us an updated version of SExtractor and useful discussions. N. Palanque (EROS team) kindly provided observing time on the Danish telescope for calibration control. This work was partially supported by the ASI contracts 95-RS-38 and by the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies network set up by the European Commission under contract ERB FMRX-CT96-086 of its TMR program. S. Arnouts has been supported during this work by a Marie Curie Grant Fellowship and by scientific visitor fellowship at ESO.

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Online publication: December 16, 1998