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Astron. Astrophys. 342, 756-762 (1999)

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4. Results of calculations

In Table 1 we give the equivalent widths W of selected N ii lines calculated in the NLTE approximation, as well as [FORMULA] - values found under LTE approach. Measured equivalent widths in [FORMULA] Peg spectrum are also given in Table 1.

Calculations were performed for temperature and gravity that are close to [FORMULA] Peg atmosphere parameters: [FORMULA] and [FORMULA], (Gies & Lambert [1992] give the following parameters: [FORMULA] and [FORMULA]), with microturbulent velocity [FORMULA]. Adopted absolute nitrogen abundance was [FORMULA]. Calculated line profiles were convolved using [FORMULA] (Slettebak et al. (1975) give [FORMULA] for [FORMULA]). A comparison of the calculated and observed profiles is given in Fig. 1a-f. From this figure and from Table 1 one can conclude that calculated profiles and equivalent widths of N ii lines agree very well with the observational data.

[FIGURE] Fig. 1a-f. Calculated (NLTE) and observed in [FORMULA] Peg spectrum profiles of selected N ii lines. Synthetic spectrum - solid line, observed - dots.

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Online publication: February 23, 1999