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Astron. Astrophys. 345, 49-58 (1999)

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5. Summary

Mkn 110 shows strong variations in the continuum and in the line intensities on time scales of days to years. The continuum - especially the blue range - varies by a factor of 3 to 5 on time scales of years. The Balmer line intensities vary by a factor of 2.5 while the HeII[FORMULA]4686 line shows exceptionally strong variations by a factor of 8.

We cross-correlated the light curves of the emission lines with those of the continuum. The emission lines originate at distances of 9 to 80 light days from the central source as a function of ionization degree.

Not only the line intensities but also the line profiles varied. We detected a very broad line region VBLR component in the high intensity stages of the Balmer and HeII lines. This region exists separated from the "normal" broad-line region at a distance of only 9 light days from the central ionizing source.

We derived the central mass in Mkn 110 using two independent methods.

Mkn 110 is a prime target for further detailed variability studies with respect to the line and continuum variability amplitudes as well as with respect to the short-term variations.

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Online publication: April 12, 1999