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Astron. Astrophys. 345, 448-460 (1999)

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4. Summary

In this paper multicolor data for patch B covering about 1.7 square degrees near the SGP have been presented. The quality of single band and color catalogs have been assessed by comparisons of basic statistics such as number counts, color distribution, and angular correlation function, with model predictions and results from other authors. The results indicate that the EIS object catalogs are suitable for the science goals of the survey leading to consistent results when compared to other data. Furthermore, one finds good agreement between the results derived from the catalogs extracted from patches A and B.

The work being carried out is essential in the preparation of the final release of the EIS data. While the production of single-frame catalogs is straightforward, the preparation of a catalog covering the whole patch requires some experimentation in order to fine-tune the parameters and verify its uniformity, completeness, and reliability. Multicolor data adds to the complexity of the task of catalog production and further work in the preparation of well understood color catalogs is required. The experience gained so far points out the need for a sustained effort in the development of techniques and tools which will allow for: 1) the production of more customized catalogs for different science goals, essential for public surveys; 2) the exploration of the multi-dimensional space offered by multicolor data; 3) the cross-correlation of the detected objects with the increasing number of databases available in different wavelengths. Searches in this multi-dimensional space offer unique science opportunities and the implementation of suitable tools for its exploration represent a major challenge for the efficient use of imaging surveys carried out with the specific purpose of producing targets to feed 8-m class telescopes.

The full range of products for patch A and B in the form of astrometric and photometric calibrated pixel maps, object catalogs, candidate target lists (Zaggia et al., 1999) and on-line co-added section images can be found at "http://www.eso.org/eis". New products will be added incrementally as they become avaialble. Further information on the project are available on the World Wide Web at "http://www.eso.org/eis".

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Online publication: April 19, 1999