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Astron. Astrophys. 345, 618-628 (1999)

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6. Conclusions

An inversion procedure has been devised which enables us to fully invert H[FORMULA] line profiles of solar atmospheric cloud-like features. The code matches the observed cloud contrast profiles with a grand set of profiles from corresponding non-LTE models. The grid of models has been calculated with the MALI radiative transfer code of Heinzel (1995), modified for horizontal slabs. As free parameters describing the grid we have chosen bulk velocity, microturbulent velocity, temperature, geometrical thickness and electronic density. The latter two can be combined into one parameter, the so-called emission measure. Appropriate searching and interpolating algorithms have then been written to find the best fit between observed and calculated line profiles. An example has been presented in which H[FORMULA] line profiles observed with the MSDP instrument have been inverted, and a discussion of the results has been presented.

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Online publication: April 19, 1999