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Astron. Astrophys. 345, L55-L57 (1999)

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2. The high proper motion discovery

The new proper motion survey in the southern hemisphere is based on APM measurements of sky survey plates taken with the UK Schmidt telescope. For the pilot study (Scholz et al. 1999), 40 UKST survey fields covering mainly the region between [FORMULA] and [FORMULA] in right ascension and [FORMULA] and [FORMULA] in declination (about 1000 square degrees) were selected. With a typical epoch difference between the [FORMULA] and R UKST plates of about 15 years the survey intends to find all stars with magnitudes [FORMULA] with proper motions exceeding 0.3 arcsec/yr.

Among all newly discovered bright ([FORMULA]) high proper motion stars in Scholz et al. (1999), APMPM J0237-5928 shows the largest total proper motion. The proper motion was obtained from one pair of plates with an epoch difference of [FORMULA]16 years as [FORMULA] mas/yr. The new high proper motion star with the coordinates (J2000) [FORMULA] (at epoch 1991.78) was identified with the X-ray source 1RXS J023630.5-592827 with a separation of about 21 arcsec.

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Online publication: April 28, 1999