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Astron. Astrophys. 347, 123-126 (1999)

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Research Note

Fitting formulae for cross sections of tidal capture binary formation

Sungsoo S. Kim 1 and Hyung Mok Lee 2

1 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, Space Science Lab., Daejon 305-701, Korea (sskim@space.kaist.ac.kr)
2 Seoul National University, Department of Astronomy, Seoul 151-742, Korea (hmlee@astro.snu.ac.kr)

Received 16 March 1999 / Accepted 29 April 1999


Tidal captures can produce objects that are observationally and dynamically important in dense stellar systems. Recent discoveries of compact young clusters in and out of the Galaxy have prompted the studies of dynamics of star clusters with a large range in stellar masses. The tidal interactions between high and low mass stars are found to be rather frequent in such clusters. In this Research Note, we present fitting formulae for the cross sections of tidal capture binary formation between two stars with a large mass ratio. We present the cases between two main-sequence stars, and between a degenerate star and a main-sequence star.

Key words: methods: numerical – celestial mechanics, stellar dynamics – stars: binaries: general – Galaxy: globular clusters: general

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Online publication: June 18, 1999