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Astron. Astrophys. 348, 364-370 (1999)

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6. Conclusions

  1. We have found that the Jurcevic et al. (1994) relation is not valid for SU UMa stars.

  2. Deviations from the above relation are observed in most SU UMa stars; the larger are seen in the post-period-minimum candidates EG Cnc and WZ Sge.

  3. This is consistent with removed inner disks in some SU UMa stars, specially in "period-bouncer" candidates.

  4. The inner disk depletion seems to be larger for systems with extreme cycle lengths (Fig. 3).

  5. We cannot discard non-Keplerian disks as an alternative scenario, but we present arguments favoring the inner disk depletion hypothesis.

  6. The long-term FWHM variability observed in WZ Sge suggests that the fraction of mass removed from the inner disk is variable and possibly a function of the supercycle phase.

  7. A new mass ratio estimator is given by Eq. 8. It is valid for dwarf novae above and below the period gap but not for post-period minimum candidates.

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Online publication: July 26, 1999