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Astron. Astrophys. 348, 627-635 (1999)

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5. Conclusion

We find that signals from both MDI and GOLF are beneficial for detecting low degree ([FORMULA]) and low frequency ([FORMULA] µHz) acoustic modes. For the frequency range and the signals compared in this paper, the GOLF signal has the highest [FORMULA] for [FORMULA] acoustic modes. The [FORMULA] of the GOLF and MDI central region masked signals is good for detecting [FORMULA] acoustic modes. For [FORMULA] modes, the central region masked signals have the highest [FORMULA] of the power spectra compared in this paper. In addition, the [FORMULA] of the preliminary GOLF-simulated signal, GOLF-sim, is found to be more similar to the GOLF signal than the MDI LOI-proxy signal without spatial masking for the modes investigated here. Future improvements of the GOLF-sim signal and the use of optimal mask for selected modes may be helpful in future cross-analysis between GOLF and MDI in the search for new low frequency modes.

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Online publication: July 26, 1999