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Astron. Astrophys. 350, 797-804 (1999)

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Variable stars in nearby galaxies *

II. Population I and II Cepheids in Field A of IC 1613

E. Antonello, L. Mantegazza, D. Fugazza and M. Bossi

Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via E. Bianchi 46, 23807 Merate, Italy (elio,luciano,fugazza,bossi@merate.mi.astro.it)

Received 5 July 1999 / Accepted 8 September 1999


The light curves of Cepheids and other variable stars in Field A of IC 1613, obtained with a CCD and no filter (Wh photometry), have been analyzed. It is possible to separate first overtone from fundamental mode population I Cepheids taking into account the pulsation amplitude, the shape of the light curve and the period. The expected separation is verified in the period-luminosity PL diagram. Light curve Fourier parameters have been compared with those of Magellanic Clouds and galactic Cepheids, in order to point out the effects of the very low metallicity of IC 1613 on the light curve shape.

Population II Cepheids of IC 1613 can be discriminated from those of population I in the PL diagram, and, taking into account their color, from other red or blue variables. Their PL relation is consistent with that observed in globular clusters, nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxies and LMC. We have shown it is possible to apply the single-phase method for deriving standard photometry PL relations for population I and II Cepheids; therefore with just one accurate BVRI observation it is possible to use the population I Cepheids for distance determinations.

Some unusual stars have been identified on the basis of periods, light curve shapes and colors; they appear to be pulsating stars laying on the extension of PL relation of known anomalous Cepheids. A firmer classification of these and other faint stars requires further deeper multicolor observations.

Key words: stars: oscillations – stars: variables: Cepheids – stars: variables: general – galaxies: individual: IC 1613 – galaxies: Local Group – galaxies: stellar content

* Based on observations collected at ESO-La Silla

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Online publication: October 14, 1999