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Astron. Astrophys. 351, 597-606 (1999)

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2. Observational material

Observations were carried out at Kitt Peak National Observatory with the coudé-fed telescope during 21-27.09.1995. The spectrograph was equipped with a 3070 [FORMULA] 1024 CCD camera. Seven high-resolution spectra (each of them is three spectra co-added, resolving power [FORMULA] 80000, S/N [FORMULA]150) were taken in the spectral region 5600-7800 Å (25 orders). The spectra of [FORMULA] Cep were initially analysed by Fry & Carney (1997) for the determination of the iron content. Detailed description of the spectroscopic material and its preliminary reduction can be found in that work. Useful information concerning the spectra is also presented in Table 1 (see the first three columns).


Table 1. Observations and atmospheric parameters.
Phases are calculated with the elements from Kiss (1998); [FORMULA] (KS) - an estimate from Kiss & Szatmáry (1998) calibration using uvby - photometry.

Further work with the spectra (continuum level, wavelength calibration, equivalent width measurements, etc) was performed using the DECH20 package (Galazutdinov 1992). Equivalent widths of about 3400 lines were measured from the program spectra. Some lines were removed after the preliminary consideration. Thus, at the final step we used approximately 2700 lines. For the great number of them we had two estimates of the equivalent width W from adjacent orders. In all cases, the differences between independent estimates did not exceed 5-7%, being usually less than this value. It indicates the high quality of the spectra and high precision of the equivalent width determination, even for the lines located near the order edges. The final list of the lines and their equivalent widths are given in the Appendix. Note, that in the abundance analysis we did not use the lines having [FORMULA] 150 mÅ.

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Online publication: November 3, 1999