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Astron. Astrophys. 351, 1190-1194 (1999)

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Nonlinear stationary vortices in gravitating fluid

J. Vranje

Institute of Physics, P.O. Box 57, 11001 Belgrade, Yugoslavia (vranjes@phy.bg.ac.yu)

Received 1 June 1999 / Accepted 5 August 1999


The problem of nonlinear self-organization of perturbations in differentially rotating, nonuniform, gravitating systems is studied. Two types of stationary nonlinear solutions, in the form of tripolar vortices and vortex chains of gravitational potential and density, dependent on the spatial profiles of the basic state quantities, are found. They propagate with a constant velocity perpendicularly to the basic state gradients, and characteristic time scales for the creation of such vortical structures are shown to be much shorter than the corresponding intervals for gravitational contraction.

Key words: instabilities – turbulence – waves – ISM: clouds

This article contains no SIMBAD objects.


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Online publication: November 16, 1999