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Astron. Astrophys. 352, L83-L86 (1999)

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2. Observations

The IR images of the HH 111 jet were obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope's NICMOS 1 instrument on 1998, March 22, using the NIC2 camera and the wide-band filters F160W and F205W. NIC2 is a [FORMULA] HgCdTe detector with a plate scale of 0.076" pix-1. Exposure times were 768 s and 416 s for each of three dithered positions for the F160W and F205W filters, respectively. Further details on the observations and reductions are discussed in Reipurth et al. (2000).

The 3.6 cm observations of the HH 111 region were made with the Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory 2 in its highest angular resolution A configuration. To obtain the maximum signal to noise ratio we concatenated data taken in three A configurations between 1992 and 1996: 1992 Nov 2, Dec 18 and 19; 1994 April 30; and 1996 Nov 11, Dec 28 and 29.

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Online publication: December 2, 1999